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How Mobile Devices are Leaving the Door Open to Cyberattackers

Your employees are using personal mobile devices (iOS, Android and Chromebooks) for work and corporate mobile devices for personal use - an attack on a mobile device is an attack on your corporate data.

Lisa Forte, Social Engineering & Cyber Security Expert and Hank Schless, Sr. Manager of Security Solutions at Lookout and host of the Endpoint Enigma podcast will discuss:

  • The psychology behind why social engineering and mobile phishing are so successful
  • Why phishing email training is not being transferred to mobile devices
  • Examples of serious cyber crimes Lisa has encountered
  • A live demonstration of a phishing attack happening

Featured Speaker:

Lisa Forte began her career in counter-terrorism intelligence for a UK Government agency before moving into one of the UK Police Cyber-Crime Units dealing with serious cybercrime cases. Through these experiences she has gained a unique insight into the darker side of human nature and has led to her becoming one of the leading experts on cybercrime cases involving social engineering and psychological manipulation.